Dan Dupee

Dan Dupee is chairman of the board of the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), a campus ministry working annually with over 32,000 college students on 141 campuses.  Dan served as the CCO’s President for 17 years from 1999 to 2016.  Dan and his wife Carol are grateful parents of two sets of twins: 25-year-old sons–Jack and Spencer–and 21-year-old daughters–Eliza and Annie.

Dan’s book, It’s Not Too Late: the Essential Part You Play in Shaping Your Teen’s Faith was published by Baker Books in 2016.  The book combines research, years of experience with college students, including his own, and biblical wisdom.  Of the book, Tremper Longman, professor of Biblical studies at Westmont College says, “Every parent ought to read this book!”  Dan Allender adds, “Dan guides us to neither give in to the need to micromanage or justify cowardly detachment.”

Dan and Carol live in the north hills of Pittsburgh.